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The Environmentally Friendly Way to Reduce Costs and Shorten your Project Timeline for SAP Upgrades

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Time is running out and SAP Upgrades are Time consuming

Current economic times are forcing SAP customers to search for new ways to cut costs while maintaining efficient and flexible IT infrastructure for their SAP solutions. This challenge is compounded by the impending end of mainstream maintenance for many SAP releases, notably R/3 4.6c by the end of 2009, compelling customers to upgrade their SAP landscapes (see overview).


Historically SAP upgrades have required a long and tedious process of attempts and failures with simulations to fine-tune the upgrade steps. Because SAP best practices require a duplicate landscape to allow production support while performing the upgrade, the process can entail enormous amounts of additional hardware and operating costs as well as countless hours of processing, testing and training. Add to this the many errors encountered and numerous restarts/restores that are often required, and most companies are looking at a significant investment in time and resources.

Cloud Service: Virtualized Customer SAP System as you Go – vUpgrade


Texperts, a VMware Authorized Consultant (VAC), is at the forefront of integrating virtualization technology with traditional SAP best practices, developing a completely new approach to SAP upgrades that integrates the benefits of virtualization technology to reduce costs dramatically and provide efficient and flexible features like snapshot technology to speed the upgrade.


How does vUpgrade work ?


Benefits - Flexibility and Efficiency:

  • Completely independent of the actual upgrade
  • No additional hardware footprint in your data center
  • Completely independent from your procurement, deployment and provisioning processes
  • Obtain upgrade results - e.g. pitfalls, timing, modification adjustments -before the actual upgrade to improve upgrade efficiency
  • Accelerate the upgrade due to turnkey transports and knowledge available as a result of the vUpgrade process
  • Get familiar with new release features independent of the upgrade
  • Train end users independent of the upgrade
  • Develop new functionality before the upgrade
  • Repetitive integration testing of development enhancements
  • Improve training with a longer training window
  • Integrate all parties virtually via Secure Access Infrastructure


Benefits – Reduce Costs due to:

  • Optimization of resources (people, HW and SW)
  • Zero Foot Print (no procurement costs)
  • Re-usability of the vUpgrade system
  • Virtual integration of all parties involved
  • Flat “pay as you go” model
  • Enhanced integration testing features

SAP Life Cycle


The vUpgrade service utilizes a virtual copy of a client SAP system or of a whole client SAP landscape (SBX, DEV, QAS and PRD). The vUpgrade system/landscape is outsourced to the Texperts Cloud and allows you to execute simulated upgrades to determine pitfalls, timings and most importantly modification requirements of SAP objects affected by the SAP upgrade. These activities happen completely independently from your actual production landscape, meaning any of these activities can be performed at any time before the actual upgrade - providing enormous flexibility and ensuring business continuity. You can quickly and easily repeat the cycles of the upgrade process as many times as necessary through leveraging the VMware Snapshot feature. Texperts provides modification adjustment results in a rolled-up turn-key transport for the actual upgrade for your production landscape.

After the vUpgrade you can use the upgraded system to get familiar with the new GUI and transactions and to train users ahead of time, independent of the actual in-house upgrade.

This offering allows you to be ahead of the curve by providing more flexibility and time to prepare for the actual upgrade. Moreover, it improves the quality of the upgrade and optimizes the use of resources involved. This leads to reduced costs, especially as it does not require any new hardware footprint in your datacenter and does not require procurement processes and/or deployment and provisioning processes. Texperts provides a secure access infrastructure as part of the service (see schematic next page).

After an initial setup fee for the Cloud service you pay only a flat monthly fee including the operation and maintenance of the vUpgrade system to enable cost control with “pay as you go.” Texperts can provide additional SAP BASIS services to supplement your upgrade team if you need them.


After the upgrade you can retire the vUpgrade system or use it for further development of new functionality with the same payment options. On request, Texperts will keep the vUpgrade system in sync with your production SAP landscape for further uses such as repetitive integration testing for new development. New developments can be provided in a rolled-up turn-key transport. Texperts can provide additional copies of the upgraded vUpgrade system nearly instantaneously to further increase flexibility and efficiency.


This model can also be used if you want to change to a new SAP/Database/Operating system combination such as moving from SAP/Oracle/Windows to SAP/MS SQL Server/Windows, or migrating from 32-bit to 64-bit platforms because all new SAP solutions are only offered in 64-bit technology.


Texperts utilizes a platform combination of SAP/MaxDB/Novell-SLES10 as the standard stack for the virtual service portfolio. On request we can migrate to other platform combinations (see sample mapping table).

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