vBreakFix℠ - SAP Upgrade Tool Utilizing VMware Software

The Environmentally Friendly Way to Reduce Costs and Shorten your Project Timeline for SAP Upgrades

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The vBreakFix service utilizes a virtual break-fix path created via SAP migration from your native production landscape consisting of a virtual Development (vDEV) and virtual Quality Assurance (vQAS) environments. It is hosted at Texperts’ dynamic data center and is configured to be the virtual production support path replacing the native Development (DEV) and Quality Assurance (QAS) environments.


This outsourced vBreakFix allows you to execute the upgrade on your native production landscape (DEV, QAS and PRD) while the virtual production support path (vDEV and vQAS) ensures business continuity without increasing the foot print in your datacenter. Once the upgrade, testing, modifications, and training have been completed on your native production landscape, the physical Development and QA environment can then be re-configured as the production support path for the newly upgraded production landscape.


The vBreakFix can simply be decommissioned after the upgrade has been successfully completed.

How does it Work?


A flat monthly fee enables cost control after the initial setup. This service avoids the internal process of procurement, deployment and provisioning of a break-fix path in your datacenter, dramatically shortening the project timeline, and reducing costs and overall energy consumption.


Key Benefits:


  • Project/upgrade acceleration
  • Zero additional data center foot print requirements
  • No procurement, deployment and provisioning necessary for a production support path
  • Flexible pay-as-you-go payment options
  • Calculable fee-based service
  • No maintenance and operating costs involved for production support path


More information:

Contact us and let us assist you to be successful in this economically challenging time and with the ever shortening timelines.

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